About Us

“Fast food can be healthy too and providing the means to achieve it, is our goal”

Slicer™ is an internationally acclaimed brand who has been delivering premium kitchen products since 2004. We have been delivering top-end quality kitchenware to international markets for over 10 years.
A globally recognised brand, Slicer is a household name in the industry and along kitchen table tops worldwide. Having experienced huge successes in European and Asian markets, we are expanding our product line so that more people may enjoy our products.

“We believe in premium quality, great value, kitchen products to help deliver convenience, save you time and increase efficiency in food preparation”


“We aim to deliver these promises with clever, innovative and easy to use designs, which are specifically developed to suit the needs of the modern person. Our designs are supplemented with excellent materials that stand the test of time and will continue to deliver year after year”


“As societies are moving towards healthier, vegetable based eating patterns, we are in-line to help support the change. We are saying, fast food can be healthy too and providing the means to achieve it is our goal”


and start living healthy